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#1 Kyusho Body Reactions Series.
How to Recognize & Choose the Best Available Points to Strike and End a Confrontation Quickly.n

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Frontal Attacks  

Defenses Against Frontal Attacks

How to use Kyusho (Pressure Points) to neutralize any attacker. Understanding Yin vs. Yang points and how to use them to your advantage.

Rear Attacks

Defenses Against Rear Attacks

Turning a rear attack into a surprise using Basic Body Mechanics and Kyusho (Pressure Points)

Choke Defense


Pressure Point Defenses Against:

1 Hand Choke
2 Hand Choke
Rear Naked Choke
Sleeper Choke
Guillotine Choke
Side Head Lock
Smothering Chokes
Facial Chokes

Takedown Defense


Takedowns & Their Defenses

Understanding How to Add Pressure Points to Takedowns, but First Understanding the Elements of the Takedowns. It is Much Easier to Defeat Something When You Know How it is Done.

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#2 Principles of Kata Interpretation

Principles of Kata Interpretation

"Kata is more than a mindless is an exercise of the mind"

- Mark Kline

Disc 1 - Hand Postions - How and Why in Kata

Disc 2 - Turns in Kata - An Understanding of How and Why

Disc 3 - Stances in Kata - An Understanding of How and Why

Disc 4 - Indication of Hands

Disc 5 - Multiple Strikes...the Significance

Disc 6 - Piecing Together the Puzzle

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#3 Kyusho for the Street

  Kyusho for the Street -15 Simple Kyusho (Pressure Points) Techniques that could save your life.

  Kyusho for the Street - Defense against a boxer and how to use their technqiues against them.


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A $30 Value...FREE with orders over $99!

Historical Collectors Edition reprinted in 2005 on its 100th ANNIVERSARY!

25 action packed lessons NOW UPDATED with ALL RELEVANT Pressure Points used. Photos cleaned up and re-mastered. Take a Journey Back in Time!

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I don't know what it was, but after you came out to train us, my ability to break down movement has increased 10 fold. With this move we were playing around in class with talking theoretically and so I turned on the camera and, SLAP.  First try and he was out.  In our next class I am going to try it a little lighter.
– Mish H, Vancouver WA
Master Kline has changed my approach to the martial arts and perhaps...a lot more!  You are an exceptional teacher in every sense.

- Renato Ravenda, Treviso, Italy
I have just completed the instructor course and I am happy to say that I survived!  Many hours of intensive training, many advanced techniques, and many fundamentals were taught in order to progress in the art of kyusho.  The books and DVDs you provided will help me to continue this training at home.  Thanks again for everything, especially your approachable manner and willingness to help.

- Alessandro S, Staranzano, Italy
I have ordered all of the suggested videos. I think, after considering the material I just ordered, my head will explode when I see all of them. I know this is far to early to even be concerned with this, but truthfully your expertise in these arts is simply intimidating.  It seems as I watch that the other brilliant points you use make up such a versatile fighting system.
Thanks again for is truly inspiring!

- Dr. David S., San Diego, CA
“I would highly recommend these DVD's to any Martial Artist who is looking to take their Martial Arts journey to a higher level of wisdom and understanding. I truly believe that by studying your work and applying it in  practice, it will make the practitioner enter a newand
larger world of creation and expression in his or her art.”
Thanks again!

- Mark Sclafani, NYC
Thanks for sending the 3 DVDs so quickly!  These will definitely assist teaching our students to build up speed and to attack the points with more accuracy.  Your down
to earth teaching style makes it so easy to learn the techniques.

- Bob Withey, NSW Australia
For GM Kline, Thank you very much for the 5 days we trained together...for me it has been a truly exceptional experience.  The material we covered was very indepth and detailed.  I thank you for coming to work on us on the many aspects of Kempo and Kyusho.  The job on the techniques, specifically the energy was exceptional and much advanced.  

- Gianluca F, Monfalcone, Italy
One of the best DVDs I've seen in a long time, Your explanation is brilliant on each technique you show, You explain slowly and precise and makes me understand what I am doing. Can't praise enough!!!

- Andy M, United Kingdom