Here is what other are saying about the PinPoint™ Method

“I don’t know what it was, but after you came out here, my ability to breakdown movement increased 10 fold.”

– Mish H. Vancouver, WA

“Studying, and teaching the PinPoint™ Method has helped me to see a much more practical way of learning and teaching Kyusho.”

– Chris C. Orange County, NY

“I Really like the program. The drills really help with hitting moving points. And thank you so much for sharing the force multipliers. It’s the keys to making Kyusho effective.”  I have to say I really like the way you set these classes up. I’ve enjoyed trying to decipher kata in the past. But really like the drills. It puts Kyusho in a dynamic and moving means of practice.
– Lee W. NY

What I like is that the class has step by step intruction.  What I found most helpful would the force multiplier section which I think is the heart of the technique.

– WJ, Thailand

Hi Mark!, I had the opportunity to train this week and use the lessons I have learned so far and think that that they are fantastic!  The PDF that comes with the course is great!!

– Damiano C., Italy

Hi Mark!

I really like how you have put together these training session. Easy to understand and learn for all novice, knowing nothing about Kyusho Jutsu.  Really like your “Multiple Force”, showing vibration, together with 2 way action. you are doing a hell good of work for all of us, dedicated in Kyusho! So my hat goes off for you!  Just continue according to your own plan Mark! I´m looking forward to fullfill all session you are putting up your Kyusho Institute.
– Leif M. Sweden

Thanks Mark for sharing this new project for kyusho.  It is indeed time that it is needed  So these short and very specific information videos are so valuable to learn kyusho well and fast. Thanks again!!

– Cristobal M. Spain

I think what you are doing with your Pin Point Method is an awesome advancement and powerful tool for accelerated acquisition of skill and knowledge.

Wish I had access to this years ago!

Certainly, from what I have had a preview of, the organisation of the material is an enhancement on any other curriculum I have seen.

The instructor level classes take the student skill, drill and practice and turbo charge the effectiveness of the student by engaging them in ways to move static/consciously applied application and moving it into the realm of subconscious/instinctive dynamic application.

Your method now also addresses not just the ‘typical of past’ standing still/static application of Kyusho, but also gives a practitioner all the tools they need to use points in a dynamic moving environment, as would a real fight would occur!

Awesome man.

Looking forward to seeing more of what you have up your sleeve!

– Dean B, New Zealand

I think you’re doing a great thing in a great way. Everything is simple and to the point(no pun intended)
– Duane V., USA

What I really like about the pinpoint method is even someone with no martial arts history at all can learn kyusho through these videos and become quite adept at defending themselves !