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PinPoint™ Method Online Reference Guide

The PinPoint™ Reference Guide is designed for those who are students training with an instructor who just need a way to help remember the drills from class and to help them prepare for their exams.  The PinPoint™ Reference Guide is included with the higher elements of the program.

PinPoint™ Instructor Training Program

The Instructor track is for those of you that want to become an Instructor and bring the PinPoint™ Method back to your students.   There will be additional training in each level such as Stress Drills, How to Teach this to your Students, and you will have a class outline to teach from for each class.

PinPoint™ Master Educator Program

The Master Educator track is for those of you that want to study the PinPoint™ Method in depth and understand our philosophy of collaboration, independent thinking, and have personal and professional development.  This track is for those that are looking to be in the forefront of building a community of martial artists for all of us to learn from and with.