Basic Instructor Course FAQs

PinPoint™ Instructor Program FAQ’s

In the Basic membership, you will have access to a new class every 3 days (in your member area) and access to watch all previous classes you have viewed.

Below you will find the information for the PinPoint™ Method Basic Instructor Program.


Who is this program for?

The PinPoint™ Method Basic Instructor Program is for those who want to learn Kyusho, in great detail, at their own pace and schedule.


What is included with the PinPoint™ Basic Instructor Program?

  • A new Class delivered to your member area every 3 days (10 classes / month).
  • PinPoint™ Reference Guide (A quick recap of each class)
  • The ability to grade others on the material you have already covered.
  • You keep 50% of the PinPoint™ exam fees paid for by students.

How is the PinPoint™ Method Curriculum Organized?

Classes are broken down into Student Modules consisting of 6 classes each on a certain topic.  Instructor Modules consist of 2-4 Student Modules (12-24 Classes) of related material.

There are 3 levels of this program that are broken down as follows:

  • Basic – Focusing on Body Movement
  • Intermediate – Focusing on Body Alignment
  • Advanced – Focusing on Incapacitations.

We believe that in order to best understand Kyusho, we first must look at how and when we move, then how to best align our body for maximum effect, while at the same time destroying the structural integrity of our opponent.  The incapacitations in the Advanced level become easier by having an excellent understanding of the Basic and Intermediate levels.

Each class and each level were specifically designed to build a continuous solid foundation to make you the Goto Kyusho / Self Defense Expert in your area.


What is the Frequency when I will get new Classes?

A new class will open in your member area every 3 days.  You will always receive an email when your next class is available to view


How are the Classes Structured?

Each class is broken down into small segments which makes it easier to manage your study time and to be used at a later date when you have a question about a certain part of the class.  The classes are broken down as follows:

  • Class Intro – What this class is about
  • Drill – The Drill we will be using to get to the points.
  • Point Location – All the points we will be using in this class
  • Weapons – The weapons we will be using in this class
  • Force Multipliers™ – How we will increase the power of our techniques
  • Technique Instruction – How to perform each technique from the class
  • Technique Practice – How to best practice this technique
  • Stress Drills – Practicing these drills under a little stress
  • Class Wrap Up – What we covered in this class


Does this program come with written material?

Yes.  With each class you will receive a PDF document (downloadable) which is a lesson plan of each class.  This 4 page pdf will give you:

  • A class outline
  • Anatomical diagrams of each point we are using along with additional material on each point.
  • Class Wrap Up


Is Testing required to advance in this program?

No.  You may watch the classes and use the information within your school and/or program or just for your own personal study.


Can I test and be certified in the PinPoint™ Method?

Yes.  As you finish each Instructor Module, you can submit a video that will be reviewed directly by PinPoint™ Founder Mark Kline.  You will get a written critique of what, if anything, needs to be worked on.  A Certificate will be issued to you upon successful completion of each level.


Is there a fee for testing and certification in the PinPoint™ Method?

Yes.  You may test on each student module ($20) or test upon completion of each Instructor Module (12-24 classes) ($50).  Once you pass each Instructor Module through exam (in person or video), you are eligible to test others.  At this point we split the fee and a certificate is issued to the student from the Kyusho Institute.


Can I test others in the PinPoint™ Method?

Yes.  You can test students up to the level you are currently at.  You would keep 50% of the posted testing fees (Currently $20 per Student Module (6 Classes)).  The Kyusho Institute will create and send to you, electronically, all certificates with the student’s names that the examining instructor would supply and both Mark Kline’s signature and the examining Instructor’s signature will appear on the certificate.


Can I Upgrade to Other programs?

Yes.  You can upgrade to any of our other programs starting with the next class you are scheduled to receive access to.  You do not have to start over again when upgrading.  Just contact me and I will get everything set up for you.

Cost – $29.97/ Month or $299/year