Kata Survival Guide


The Kata Survival Guide was created to give anyone the opportunity to delve deeper into their kata…the essence of Karate regardless of how long one has trained…if at all.

The way that I have set up this program is that from each kata you will learn:

– Simple movements that can be installed into your mind/body within minutes

– Principles that will increase the effectiveness of any technique

– That size DOES NOT matter.  You can defend yourself against a larger and stronger opponent with these Skills. 

* These simple movements can be learned and practiced quickly with or without a practice partner.

There are 4 ways you can get access to this material:

  1. Purchase each Kata Separately & watch via the Kyusho Institute Platform (streaming)
  2. Purchase each Kata Separately & download each Kata (Downloadable)
  3. Sign up for a monthly subscription to the Kata Survival Guide (You will get a new Kata each month in your member area to add to the list you have already received)
  4. Sign up for the PinPoint™ Instructor Premium Program and get this as a FREE Bonus.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks again!