PinPoint™ Principles

PinPointPrinciplesPinPoint™ Principles come with your PinPoint™ Method Premium Course, but can be stand alone classes for those who do not want to fully dive into the PinPoint™ comprehensive program.

Here is a list of 15 Principles available to purchase and view through our online streaming Kyusho Institute platform:

Principles of Opposites – 1 Wrist Grabs

Principles of Opposites – 2 Chokes

Principle of Using the Best Available Weapons

Principle of Transitional Flow

Principle of Closing the Gap

Principle of Posture

Principle of Body Movement 1

Principle of Body Movement 2

Principle of Controlling Your Opponent’s Posture

Principle of Strength through Better Posture

Principle of Better Technique through Better Posture

Principle of Pressure

Principle of Going to the Smallest Point

Principle of Two is a Crowd

Principle of Visualization & Intent


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